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Las Vegas Criminal Law Attorneys

The lawyers at Wright Stanish & Winckler defend southern Nevada residents living in and around Henderson, North Las Vegas and Boulder City, who face criminal charges. We are dedicated to maintaining our commitment to old-fashioned values, including hard work, high ethical standards and fair practices. We handle a variety of state and federal charges, including:

  • Administrative disciplinary action — For a licensed professional, an allegation of fraudulent activity, alleged misconduct or a criminal conviction can lead to disciplinary action, fines and license revocation. We will do everything we can to protect your career.
  • Domestic violence, assault and batteryDomestic abuse allegations are taken very seriously and can result in loss of custody of your children, loss of employment, loss of right to possess firearms and possible deportation if you are an immigrant.
  • Drug offenses — Nevada has some of the strictest drug possession and distribution laws in the country. We will fight to reduce charges or eliminate them altogether.
  • DUI — Whether you were driving under the influence of alcohol, a prescription drug, a narcotic or a controlled substance, there are mandatory punishments if you are convicted.
  • Fraud and theft — We will conduct research, challenge statutes and ambiguities, and prepare extensively for sentencing hearings if you have been charged with fraud.
  • Gambling and "bad markers" crimes — We defend individuals in the U.S., as well as foreign nationals, who have been charged with failing to pay gambling markers, cheating or illegal gambling activity in Las Vegas.
  • Health care crimes — If you are under investigation or charged in a health care fraud case, it is essential to obtain legal representation as soon as possible. Our attorneys are skilled in defending these cases and will work to determine your best possible defenses.
  • Homicide — If you or someone you love has been charged with homicide, we will make every effort to build the strongest case.
  • Other state and federal offenses — We are devoted to the concept of justice and dedicate our practice to protecting the constitutional rights of our clients in both state and federal courts.

To speak with an attorney and to learn more about our services, contact Wright Stanish & Winckler, by completing the attached, secure online form or by calling 702-382 4004. Hablamos español.

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